Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Southeast Officers to be Featured for Their Kindness on Easter

Officers Hicks and Gunter, assigned to the Southeast Patrol Division, went above and beyond when they bought replacement Easter baskets for three kids who would have otherwise gone without.

They responded to a call of a Burglary of a Motor Vehicle on Easter Sunday and learned that among other things taken, the Easter baskets for the children were stolen. After getting the information for the report, they left the scene and went to the store to buy replacements. They returned with the baskets and gave them to the citizen, who was extremely grateful. They insisted on taking a picture with the officers:

Both officers were adamant that they did not do this for the recognition, but rather because no child should be without Easter baskets on Easter. 

See their story this afternoon on KHOU Channel 11 and KPRC Channel 2.