Thursday, September 22, 2016

HPD Citizens' Police Academy Class 54 (night 2)

It’s week three of the Houston Police Department’s Citizens’ Police Academy. For ten weeks, 30 Houstonians will learn how HPD handles investigations, calls from citizens, and dangerous situations.
Last week’s class involved a visit to the Houston Emergency Center (HEC) where participants met with call takers to learn how emergency calls come in, and are prioritized and dispatched.


Tonight, members of Class 54 take their class on the road and have a chance to meet with HPD’s DWI officers to learn what happens once an officer first observes a suspected drunk driver.  Participants will learn about the tools and training these specialized officers use to help keep our city’s streets and highways safe.
The Citizens’ Police Academy was started in 1989 with a goal of giving citizens from all walks of life a working knowledge of how HPD operates. It stresses the importance of citizens partnering with police to prevent and fight crime throughout the city.

For more information, go to HERE.