Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Westside Officers Help Save Christmas for one Family

On December 20, Houston Police Department Westside officers responded to a burglary in the 8700 block of Leawood.  When they arrived they met Ms. Guillory,  who stated she came home to a broken window and all her Christmas presents for her grandson stolen.  There was wrapping paper on floor and it appeared the suspects had unwrapped the gifts before they stole them.  The suspects also went upstairs in Ms. Guillory’s townhouse and stole several pieces of jewelry she owned.

Mr. Guillory stated that the presents were for her grandson and she had spent all of her money to buy him the presents, mostly clothes that he needed.  The officers were touched and wanted to do something to assist Guillory.  They pooled their money and asked for additional help from other Westside officers.  They collected enough money to be able to present Ms. Guillory with a gift card to replace all the Christmas presents!