Wednesday, November 28, 2018

South Central Patrol Appreciation Potluck

South Central Patrol Division would like to express our gratitude for your consistency, commitment, and support of the Houston Police Departments efforts.

It is because of you, our community stakeholders, that we are successful and striving to further serve and protect you. We cannot be as successful as we are without your cooperation and willingness to enable and assist us on our path of providing a safe community.

The Potluck was a huge success with great food, fellowship, and family! We would like to extend our thanks to Mr. Bruce Bacon, who held the position on the Board as President, for being so faithful and committed to the position, but wanted to give someone else the opportunity to experience leadership over such an amazing group. With that being said, thank you to our newest President Mr. Kevin Campbell! We all know this program would not be successful without the backbone(s) our reigning Vice President and Secretary Joyce Drew and Kim Gibson. Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!