Why Is There So Much Crime in Houston?

Why is there so much crime in Houston? A recent article discussed Greenspoint as one of the city’s hotspots. While the neighborhood is not crime-free, Kingwood and Spring are safe communities. However, there are some things to keep in mind if you want to live in a safe community. Here are a few of the factors that may be contributing to the increase in crime. Read the article to learn more.

Why there is so much crime in Houston

The city of Houston has experienced a spike in crime over the past several years, with more than 400 homicides so far this year. It’s an increase of almost 28 percent compared to last year, and a seven-percent jump over the same period in 2019. According to statistics released by Houston Police Department, homicide rates in the city are higher than those in Chicago and Los Angeles, which have almost double the population of Houston.

The increase in crime has led to community activists to believe that mental health plays a big role in the rise in violent crimes in the city. Dr. Abdul Haleem Muhammad, a psychiatrist and founder of Operation Outreach Original Group One, believes the crime wave can be solved with an all-hands-on-deck approach. Police chief Troy Finner says more police officers are needed to help those struggling with mental health issues.

The Greenspoint area is a hotbed of criminal activity

The Greenspoint area is located in north Houston. Also called Gunspoint, it was transformed into a more upscale neighborhood in the late 1990s. But the area’s reputation for crime and violence hasn’t diminished. Although the Houston Police Department recently opened a storefront in the neighborhood, residents still feel unsafe. Fortunately, several local organizations have been working to make the area more appealing to residents.

Mauricio Rodriguez, a resident of Biscayne at Cityview apartments, has lived in the area for five years. He has noticed a dramatic increase in crime in the last two or three years. He says he has heard gunshots and saw a robbery down the street this year. Alvin West, a resident of Greenspoint, says the neighborhood is safer than it used to be. He moved to Houston from Compton, California.

Kingwood is a safe community

As the second largest master-planned community in the Houston metro area, Kingwood is considered one of the safest places to live in the area. The area boasts a low crime rate and many residents describe their community as “suburban.” Its great schools and low crime rate make it an excellent place for families and young professionals to build roots and raise their children. Kingwood is also home to a vibrant commercial center with many chain and local stores, restaurants, and other amenities.

The neighborhoods in Kingwood are very safe and convenient to live in. Almost all neighborhoods are fully developed, but there are still some older neighborhoods where you can find a home. In Kingwood, you’ll find a large variety of housing options, from small, patio homes to expensive, large single-family homes. While most Kingwood homes were built before the city annexed the area, many homeowners have made significant renovations.

Spring is a safe community

The city of Spring in southeast Houston is home to a diverse community. Spring is affordable, with home prices that are lower than Houston’s larger suburbs. Home prices are also lower than the median household income. Spring is also less violent than Houston or similar-sized communities in other U.S. cities, with a reported crime rate of just over 3.5 per 100k residents. A low crime rate is another factor that contributes to Spring’s appeal.

In 1947, Spring was home to about 700 residents. However, as Houston suburbs expanded to the north, more subdivisions were built in the area. Old-fashioned houses became shops. In 1980, the Old Town Spring Association opened to promote the historic shopping district. Old Town Spring became a popular tourist destination, and by 1990, the city had 33111 residents. There are many activities to enjoy in the Spring area, including hiking, fishing, and horseback riding.